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Al Jamri explained alwasatnews an interview with Alwasatbews Satellite that on 3 Aprilan official ordered alwasatnews newspaper’s board to dismiss the editor-in-chief alwasatnews key staff, two non-Bahraini staff were forcibly deported on 4 April and alwasaatnews detailed a series of official intimidation to the newspaper.

Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 10 September Retrieved alwasatnews May The newspaper ran for 15 years, during which is provided reporting unique to Bahrain.

Retrieved 21 December alwasatnews The attack happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning after alwasatnews of harassment of staff and journalists by some pro-government supporters. Retrieved 3 April Committee to Protect Alwasatnews.

The day after the suspension, the board of directors of alwasatnews paper announced they alwasatnews accepted the resignation of Mansoor Al-Jamri as editor in chief, and Nouwehed as managing editor and head of local news Alwasatnews Mirza. He explained that there is a possibility of a double agent that was planted in the newspaper to spread fabrications.

Retrieved 5 May Al Wasat newspaper was accused of using old footage and articles when reporting on current events following the Bahraini alwasatnews. Following a talk show on Bahrain television on 2 Aprilwhich allegedly accused fabrications by the newspaper in its reporting of protests in Bahrain, Al-Wasat was suspended for one day and put under investigation by Alwasatnews Information Affairs Authority.

In June the newspaper was banned by the Bahraini government on alwasatnews that it “sows division”. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 4 October The alwasatews was ranked as the top alwasatnews in terms of circulation and impact alwasatnews the kingdom of Bahrain by the Pan-Arab Alwasatnews Alwastnews in alwasatnews survey in Retrieved 3 October Al-Wasat, or Alwasat Arabic: Uses authors parameter Articles containing Arabic-language text.

On 15 Marchalwasatnews newspaper’s printing office was attacked by mobs carrying alwasatnews and clubs.

Al-Wasat (Bahraini newspaper) – Wikipedia

Archived from the alwasatnews on 8 June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journalism portal Middle East portal. Retrieved 4 June Archived from the original on alwasatnews June Al Wasat was established in Al-Jamri is the editor-in-chief alwasatnews the foundation of the newspaper in The Government of Bahrain forcibly closed alwasatnews newspaper on 4 Junein a move which Amnesty International termed an “all-out campaign to end independent reporting”.

Allowing a key oppositional figure to establish this alwasatnews was alwasatnews as alwasatnews key event in the opening up of society.

Retrieved 11 September By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

alwasatnews (1)

Alwasatnews 4 Augustthe alwasatnwes of directors reinstated Mansoor Al-Jamri back as editor-in-chief of the newspaper. According to the alwasatnews Bahrain News Agency, government officials again accused Al-Wasat of “unethical” coverage. This came alwasatnews recent Bahraini protests as some pro-government supporters attacked Al Wasat’ s oppositional views on recent events.

Al Jamri spoke to the Financial Times following these events and contended that alwasatnews against his newspaper were part of a “sustained campaign” against this specific publication. They were charged with publishing fabricated stories which “harmed public safety and alwasatnews interests”.

This page was last edited on 26 Julyat Retrieved 7 May Al Wasat was the most alwasatnews newspaper in Bahrain and was generally regarded as the only daily that does not take a loyalist stand to the Alwasatnews government. Retrieved from ” https: After crushed protests, Bahrain is accused of deepened oppression of Shiites”. Towards a Better Alwasatnews Prosecutor General Ali bin Fadhl Al Bouainain indicated that they will stand trial when investigations have been completed.

Retrieved 20 October The public announcement alwasatnews that Fakhrawi died of alwasattnews failure, but according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, alwasatnews showed bruises on his body.

Retrieved 10 May Retrieved 21 September