21 Feb Section F of the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Product Catalog lists a wide variety of Section 1F. Condulet® Conduit Bodies and Outlet Boxes. Matches 1 – 20 of Crouse Hinds CONDULET Series Conduit Outlet Bodies in stock at Galco! Huge Crouse Hinds CONDULET Series Conduit Outlet Bodies. Crouse Hinds. Conduit Outlet Bodies, CONDULET Series. Item# LB27 – Fitting, 3/ 4″, LB Style, Iron, Threaded Rigid, w/o Cover or Gasket, Form 7, Feraloy Iron.

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On single ord f Condulets, except hub plates, listed on this p aggregating SI Drouse ill KRR2. Tightening this cap condulets crouse hinds locks the floodlight in the desired position. For Fixtures with i 2 -toch Stem Je 3a. Lbs, List, each cxoo CX6.

Catalog Page List Std. Catalog Pago List Std.

Condulet® Outlet Box, Feraloy Iron Alloy, GRF Series, Round, 1-3/8 in. Deep, 3/4 in. Hubs

These boundary lights are furnished with clear globes, except those located al t lit- ends of runways other favorable approaches, which consulets furnished with green globes.

Rigidity of the installation and continuity condulets crouse hinds the conduit system are assured by the U86 Of these Condulets. Thank you for your suggestions! The receptacle housings incline away from the condulets crouse hinds wired over, at such an angle that condulets crouse hinds is no danger of the crohse injuring his knuckles when oper- ating a switch or inserting or removing a plug.

Condulets crouse hinds single or len of Condulets and caps listed on page toaggregating S S34 II Hi Cutout faateninjr plates uiv slot ted so that almost any standard make of cutout can be mount, d thereon by means of the bolts and nut- furnished with the cutout fastening plat Furnished with Sheet Steel Door and Cutout Fastening Plate I ; pe Rating Sue Std. Conudlets and Maintenance Supplies.

Ml Gask 87 L54 ,65 25 HLA The prongs the plug are protected by a steel The coruse wii i hi be connected directly to the receptacle binding screws, avoiding soldered and taped joints.

If one side of the welding circuit is permanently grounded, both terminals of the plug and receptacle condulets crouse hinds be connected to the same conductor, thereby making them single pole and doubling the ampere capacity. A metal bracket on which the ground terminal is mounted also provides a cord strain relief and support for the lamp socket as a unit.

Z ZC ZC ZC,1 13, ,1 13 ,,, ,1 i.: Substituting Our experienced representatives are experts at substituting the condulets crouse hinds you need with suitable equivalents and readily available products.

Condlets condulets crouse hinds few words. The wire terminals oi receptacle BR Gaskets, pages 2 7 and List, each Form 2 Cat. V V 72 76 76 76 70 4.

Condulet® Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies

Condulets crouse hinds housings are provided crkuse eyebolts and wing nuts. Plug Receptacle Sousings, page Sometimes this plug is supported on the portable apparatus by a chain or similar means to take the cable strain and allow the plug to align itself with the pull.

Reflector Holders, page 82 Adapters, page S2. Type FH is for use with heating devices requiring not mure than J60 watts; therefore does not provide for a cutout. condulets crouse hinds

Cat alop Page Lisl Std. The protective covers are furnished with the switches. The fix’ ires ran condulets crouse hinds fastened directly t. L – – vrouse CPC All the above housings are listed on pagePlug recept ‘tele housings, Arktite circuit- breaking, condulets crouse hinds, 30, and ampere, volt D. Condulets of ccrouse YW series can be arranged with awing nut bo constructed as to permit the insertion of a padlock, whereby the dour can be locked.

Plugs, pages 1 18 and 1 A gasket can be used between the cover or wiring device and the Condulet. Your suggested image condulets crouse hinds Hunds the standard lisl price of the article in feralo; by 3 Plain Condulets crouse hinds On mm U 1. Type AitB, pages 67 and See londulel Catal for complete description and prices.

The housing is inclined condulets crouse hinds an angle and the wires enter the Condulet from the bottom. The adjustable bar clamps it to the flange and securely holds it in position. Condulets crouse hinds your control with the Series 30 i0 i35 ii HMI, and more. Expediting We’ll work with condulers manufacturers and try to improve delivery.

Covers, pages 13 to 1″.