28 Jul Roberto Ierusalimschy & Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo & Waldemar Celes. 1. Lua Reference Manual. Abstract. Lua Reference Manual. Roberto Ierusalimschy,. Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo ,. Waldemar Celes. March 26, 1 – Introduction. Lua is an extension. Reference Manual. By Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo , Waldemar Celes. Original version available at

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Returns the “length” of the value at the given refersnce index: The return statement lua 5.1 reference manual used to return values from a function or a chunk which is just a function. Table constructors are expressions that create tables. It performs different functions according to its first argument, opt:.

It returns false if it cannot grow the stack to that size. The Lua distribution includes a sample host program called luawhich uses the Lua library to offer a complete, stand-alone Lua interpreter. Lua is lua 5.1 reference manual case-sensitive language: Environments associated with userdata have no meaning for Lua.

Most functions in the API can throw an error, for instance due to a memory allocation error.

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Inserted textdeleted textand corrected text have been marked in color. If the time argument is present, this is the time to be formatted see the os.

Because of the lexical scoping rules, local variables can be freely accessed manyal functions defined inside their scope. It returns a new file handle, lua 5.1 reference manual, in case of errors, nil plus an error message. Extra arguments passed to coroutine.

Every time a constructor is evaluated, a new table lua 5.1 reference manual created. Conversely, whenever a number is used where a string is expected, the number is converted to a string, in a reasonable format.

Pushes a C function onto the stack. Also returns 0 if any of the indices is non valid. Write a customer review. For Lua functions, upvalues are the external local variables that the function uses, and that are consequently included in its closure.

The function getbinhandler below defines how Lua 5.1 reference manual chooses a handler for a binary operation. Finally, module sets t as the new environment of the current function and the new value of package. Game Audio Development with Unity 5.

C API (Lua Reference Manual) — SIMION Supplemental Documentation

In order to communicate properly with Lua, a C function must use the following feference, which defines the way parameters and results are passed: Metatables control the operations listed next. When this userdata is collected again then Lua frees its corresponding memory.

Pushes onto the stack a string identifying the current position of the control at level lvl in the call stack. See and discover other items: Destroys all objects in the given Lua state calling the corresponding garbage-collection lua 5.1 reference manual, if any and frees manul dynamic memory used by this state.

The definitions of letter, space, and other character groups depend on the current locale. It tells referebce everything you really need to know and not much more.

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Ships from and sold by Amazon. It returns lua 5.1 reference manual if it cannot grow the stack to that size. Because indices start at 1, this result is equal to the number of elements in the stack and so 0 means an empty stack. While Lua is running a hook, it disables other calls to hooks.


Checks whether obj is a valid file handle.