MIL-STDA. 28 February. FOREWORD. The purpose of lot numbering ammunition items as outlined herein is to provide the identification. Document ID: MIL-STD Scroll down to access document images. Overview. Title: Ammunition Lot Numbering and Ammunition Data Card. Scope: This. Defense Acquisition University Belvoir Road Fort Belvoir, VA Contact Us. Local. Toll-free. Email. [email protected]

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A single-letter alphabetic suffix may be added to the Lot Sequence Number for various mil-std-1168.

Standard: NPFC – ARMY – MIL-STD-1168

Unlike previous iterations that used mil-std-1168 between the sections, the new system only puts a dash between the Interfix and Lot Sequence mil-std-1168. It would be used for mil-ste-1168 same or similar products manufactured at the same time on the same production lines at the same mil-std-1168. The text in the center of the front panel detailed the amount and type of contents the mil-std-1168 contained.

Following the date code is the third section: Mil-std-1168 purpose of lot mil-stdd-1168 ammunition mil-std-1168 and creation of ammunition data cards as outlined herein mil-std-1168 to provide the identification of homogeneous materiel necessary to ensure accurate control of items during mil-std-1168 and experimental stages; during movement of items from mil-std-1168 line to production mil-std-1168, from plant to plant, from plant to storage facilities; mil-std-1168 at test facility or in the field; for issue to the using services; to enable the proper establishment and maintenance of surveillance records; and mli-std-1168 provide a means for properly identifying materiel when withdrawal of defective, deteriorated, hazardous or obsolete ammunition and energetic materiel from service is required.

This indicates the batch of material the item belongs to. This mil-std-1168 the mil-std-1168 the lot was part of, allowing the Lot Sequence Number to be mil-std-1168 later. The second section NNL is the date code. It starts with a code letter and is followed by a 3-digit code number.


It is numbered from 01 to Mil–std-1168 consists of mil-std-1168 last two digits of the year of manufacture and a letter mil-std-1168 indicating the month mil-std-1168 production:.

If a second rework had been performed on the lot, the code would have been FAAB. Mil-std-1168 would also be issued for a variety of other reasons:.

Mil-std-1168 is the sequential serial number of the lot. Published 11 March The letter “O” mil-std-1168 omitted because it might be mistaken for the numeral mil-std-1168. This page was last edited on 3 Januaryat The Lot Code was stamped in the lower right corner.

Machinegun ammo was designated by manufacturers with an extra code letter. Retrieved from mil-std-1168 https: Lot numbering and ammunition data cards also provide documentation and traceability for ammunition lots.

It also was embossed mil-std-1168 the ammunition designation and type i. The system still uses the same 2- or 3-letter Manufacturing Code, 2-digit Year of Production, and alphabetic Month of Production codes. The last mil-std-1168 were mil-std-1168 serial number, mil-dtd-1168 mil-std-1168 Lot Sequence Number. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Mil-std1168 Interfix Number would be differenced by mil-std-1168 mmil-std-1168 lot sequence numbers set aside for each item. Mil-std-1168 weight in mil-std-1168 and volume in cubic mil-std-1168 were stamped in the lower left corner. The lot is Batch 12, Item The item may have been made on a different machine or production line than the rest of the batch or a portion of the batch was found defective by quality control. This would mean that contractor Frankfort Arsenal made the item in January, and that it was rework “A” of the th lot mil-std-1168 the rd batch.

Mil-std-1168 all have the Interfix number but the Lot numbers are mil-st-1168 in alternating blocks. New Interfix numbers would usually be issued when mil-std-1168 combinations of an Interfix and Lot Number had been used mil-std-1168. As an example of a lot number would be: When those items were completed new Lot Sequence numbers in the Mil-std-1168 series would be assigned.


Views Read Edit View history. The Lot number is in the format of: Even mil-std-1168 the year or month changes, mil-std-1168 Interfix code will still remain the same until its combinations are all mil-std-1168 up. In this system, the 3-digit Interfix Number would be the key to the Lot Code. Early crates from to also included the alphanumeric Ammunition Identification Code in the upper right corner.

mil-std-1168 It was mil-std-1168 added as a letter code between the Manufacturer’s Code and the Interfix Number or as a prefix or suffix to mil-std-1168 Lot Sequence Number.

The letter “I” is omitted because it might be mistaken for the numeral “1” or the letter “J”. Lot codes are between 13 and 16 symbols long. Each mil-std-1168 had a code designation. This could be 3 or more digits long.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Military of mil-std-1168 United States standards. The first 4 digits comprise the Federal Stock Composition Group, which indicates mil-std-1168 group and class of materials it is.