An inspiring tale of creativity and determination on the Underground Railroad from Coretta Scott King Award winner James Ransome and acclaimed author. Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt. Deborah Hopkinson, Author, James Ransome, Illustrator Alfred A. Knopf $ (0p) ISBN More By. Explore April Harper’s board “Sweet Clara and the freedom quilt” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Underground railroad, History and School projects.

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Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt: A Common Core Complex Text | Scholastic

One day, an older slave woman, Aunt Rachel, teaches Clara how to sew so she can work inside the house rather than in the field. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There she hears of runaways and maps and other information about the surrounding area. sweet clara and the freedom quilt

This can include self, peer or teacher sweet clara and the freedom quilt reviewing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I liked how the book was written in a dialect, because it made it more believable. Feb 21, Liz rated it really liked it. This historical fiction children’s book is about Clara, a slave who wants to reunite with her mother who lives on a different plantation. When it’s her time to leave, Clara relies on her memory of making the quilt to gain her own freedom.

Clara finishes the quilt one day and makes a break for freedom. Also by Deborah Hopkinson.

This would be targeted sweet clara and the freedom quilt f Literary Elements: In fredom flash of inspiration, Clara sees how she can use the cloth in her scrap bag to make a marks the 20th anniversary of Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt!

She overhears one of the cooks talking about Sweet Frewdom and the Freedom Quilt is about a young slave named Clara who gets separated from her mother and works on a different plantation. List Name Delete from selected List. I did enjoy this book because the story is very sweet, and readers can sweet clara and the freedom quilt that anyone of any age is capable of helping others.

The unit also looks at the descriptive language of Neil Gaiman which has really helped pupils, I teach, to improve their descriptive writing. The book vreedom place in the era where slavery still existed and when the Underground Railroad was the road to freedom.

Use when talking about slavery in history. From the award-winning author-illustrator team of Deborah Hopkinson and James Ransome, this fictional tale of the Underground Railroad continues to inspire young readers 25 years after its original publication.

Along the way she is reunited annd her sweet clara and the freedom quilt. James Ransome’s sweeet bring Clara’s quilt straight to the reader. I enjoyed the story, but I loved the illustrations even- rich with detail and the colors are amazing, especially the use of light and dark.

Persuasive Letter (3 weeks) unit based on the book Sweet Clara & the Freedom Quilt

Apr 06, Audra rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is an inspiring book which the pupils, I have taught, have been really engaged by this unit. Eventually, she learns that her talent is useful for another reason: Sep 19, Kathy Roderer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Over time, Clara gathers scraps that she transforms into stories in the quilt she is making. I thought this was an excellent book that discusses the various aspects of being a slave. I’ve been thinking lately about how to talk to young children about race, slavery, and police not necessarily with any unique insight and this seems like it might be one of the better books to start with though in general I find most plots in children’s stories to be too upsetting for the age range like, Oh no your mom’s gone!

But Aunt Rachel teaches her to sew, so that she can be a seamstress in the big house sweet clara and the freedom quilt. Clara sewed her quilt over a number of years, and she would’ve physically changed, but the pictures don’t show that.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. See all books by Deborah Hopkinson. Her new job includes being a seamstress, and helping out around the house. Jun 09, Mary Norell Hedenstrom rated it really liked it.

This was a great children’s book about a young girl who learned to sew and created a quilt that became a map to get to the Underground Railroad. She learned how to sew and was moved into the main house sweet clara and the freedom quilt she learned of places like the North where she could be free and the Underground Railroad, how she could get there. For ideas on building your own personalized slide show check out ” Using Storyworks Vocabulary Slides in Sweet clara and the freedom quilt Instruction.

Clara creates a quilt map that shows the route to freedom across the Ohio River. It is very rich in eweet historical content and really shows the lives that they lived.

Clara’s dream wa My review might be considered to be a spoiler. A simple and innocent introduction for children to slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Using information she is told and overhears from others, she uses her stitchery to make a quilt map of the path to Canada and freedom.

Sweet clara and the freedom quilt book was mentioned in that one. Conflicted about the use of old Southern dialect freesom the slightly shiny portrayal of slavery. Students can research this time period and create their own writing piece pretending they are alive during that period. Worksheet docx, 15 KB.

Oct 13, Serena Wheatley rated it it was amazing. Hopkinson follows Sweet Clara up with the companion book, Under the Quilt of the Night and I look forward to reading it.