Unholy War. Terror in the Name of Islam. John L. Esposito. Publication Date – November ISBN: pages. Paperback /16 x 8 inches. In four short chapters, Esposito sketches the activities and influence of Osama bin Laden, surveys the doctrines and practice of jihad throughout history, presents. 28 Apr The Fort Hood killings, the Times Square terror plot and the Boston marathon bombing were all ostensibly carried out in the name of Islam.

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Erudite, compelling and passionate, Unholy War is essential reading at this crisis of world history, and provides a lucid introduction to truths which must now become common knowledge. Follow Parvez Ahmed on Twitter: ISIS uses social media and the internet to attract disenfranchised youth searching for meaning. Pluralism in general, particularly intra-faith, can become a bulwark against the takfiri ideology.

In addition, according to RAND Corporation, terrorism’s economic cost unholy war terror in the name of islam the direct loss of life and property from the incident. Citizens have the right to protest unfair treatment, and if they believe laws to be unjust, they should work to change such laws by using peaceful advocacy.

Pluralism does not mean a mere toleration of diversity.

Unholy War – John L. Esposito – Oxford University Press

The same amendment also guarantees freedom of nuholy, albeit with certain limits. Anti-Americanism and anti-Europeanismhe etrror, is a broad-based phenomenon that cuts across Arab and Muslim societies. Special Features One of the world’s leading authorities on the Islamic world answers the wae troubling questions raised in the wake of the September 11 attack.

Muslim Americans legitimately worry about the increasingly negative perception of Islam and Muslims in the public square. The number of Muslim Americans plotting to harm their homeland may be islak, but certainly not negligible.

Consistent presence of law enforcement and civic society officials at Muslim events can also help create mutual trust. Imams, scholars and leaders need to directly refute the un-contextualized interpretation of such hadiths and highlight the dangers that stem from excessive literal reading of sacred texts.

Increases to security costs, additional insurance premiums, and added military expenditure often outweigh the original attack’s direct economic impact. It was the leadership of the Islamic Center in Jacksonville, Florida that reported to the FBI a person unholy war terror in the name of islam was attempting to recruit youth to join jihad in the Middle East. In the aforementioned article in New York Timesone of the people who left the U. Terror Networks in the Twenty-First Century University of Pennsylvania Press; asserts that most terrorists lack religious unholy war terror in the name of islam and were secular individuals until just before joining an extremist group.

Despite naame setbacks on civil liberties, the United States remains a land where Muslims can practice Islam freely. Insularity allows victimization to fester. Esposito Request examination copy.

The first chapter discusses the making of a terrorist, Osama bin Laden. While 11 are teenagers, the rest are between 20 and 47 years old.

A lucid and balanced account, it covers a huge canvas with elegance and economy. Parents may work double unho,y triple shifts to make ends meet with little time for their children, particularly the youth.

Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam

It can never be justified no matter how severe the underlying grievance — this message needs constant reinforcement from the mosque pulpit to the kitchen table. The publications of cartoons ridiculing holy figures, such as in Charlie Hebdo or the Danish newspapers pose a particular challenge in balancing between freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Donohue and John L. Some, especially those coming as refugees from war torn nations, may struggle to adequately provide for their families often due to poor English language skills or lack of higher education.

Features About the Author s Reviews Features Clearly and carefully explains unholy war terror in the name of islam teachings of Islam–the Quran, the example of the Prophet, Islamic law–about jihad or holy war, the use of violence, and terrorism Chronicles the rise of extremist groups and examines their frightening worldview and tactics Highlights that the vast majority of Muslims are appalled by the acts of violence committed in the name of their faith Reflects twenty years of study, reflection, and experience on the part of a scholar who is equally respected in the West and in the Muslim world Unholy war terror in the name of islam the best single guide to the urgent questions that have recently forced themselves on the attention of the entire world.

This is essential reading for every concerned citizen and all those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary Islam and its internal struggles. Contact Contact Us Help Feedback. It is essential that we distinguish between the religion of Islam and the actions of extremists like Osama bin Laden, who hijack Islamic discourse and belief to justify their acts of terrorism. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Efforts towards meaningful dialogue with law enforcement need to be sustained and enhanced. It was a Muslim street vendor who thwarted the Times Square bomber, and Muslims in Irvine, California, concerned about incitement of violence by a fellow Muslim, reported him to the police, only to later learn that he was an FBI informant.

UNHOLY WAR: Terror in the Name of Islam

Only by analyzing what we know about radicalization and the government’s response to it can we be sure that these reactions are grounded in fact rather than stereotypes and truly advance our efforts to combat terrorism.

Terror in the Name of Islam is different from other recent books nname it was written by a scholar, an expert on the subject who has several previous books on Islam to his credit.

Those who want a guide to the origins of the current clash of civilizations are unlikely to find a better book. These theories suggest that the path to terrorism has a fixed trajectory with identifiable markers.

It is vital to understand, however, that the vast majority of Muslims are appalled by the acts unholy war terror in the name of islam violence committed in the name of their faith. Social Values — an individual’s attitude towards social values, such as freedom, human unholy war terror in the name of islam, etc.

Such youth are often vulnerable to bame networks, particularly via today’s social media.

Steps such as public and private denunciation of terrorism, nipping extremist ideas at their bud, social networking and political engagement, have been helpful but need of further enhancement for better sustainability.

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It will prove to be the best single guide to the urgent questions that have recently forced themselves on the attention of the entire world. Little empirical evidence supports such a theory. Second, his attempt to work within the system to reform Saudi Arabia was initially ignored by the government.

It remains an inspiring reminder about non-violence in the face of unimaginable unholy war terror in the name of islam. A useful guidebook that should find a wide readership.