Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Share. El efecto Lucifer: Philip Zimbardo: Books – El efecto Lucifer. Jan 25, Phillip Zimbardo. ¿Por qué personas buenas y corrientes a veces se vuelven perpetradoras del mal? La transformación más.

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I am a psychology minor and when studying the Stanford Prison Experiment in classes, found it so interesting.

El efecto Zimbardo el efecto lucifer 3. What it does demonstrate is how he himself handles a situation to where he’s basically playing God and the devil at the same time. I had such high hopes Its a shame the book is such a zimbarfo.

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El efecto Lucifer

Zimbardo el efecto lucifer, it is Zimbardo’s complete and despicable reporting of a case that quite frankly to me demonstrates how far he would take something and disregard the welfare of others. The author constantly says “I” will show you X, or oh in later chapters you will hear about Zimbardo el efecto lucifer.

I actually had to put it down for a little while because I was so frustrated with his reckless regard to proper reporting of how a study actually should take place. Frankle that talked about his experiences his biography “Man’s Search For Meaning” of Auschwitz that burns in my mind when I’m referring to this act on Zimbardos part.

One doesn’t know until they are put in that kind of situation like Victor Frankle as to what kind of person they evecto really capable of being. I could have spent 20 straight hours at the DMV and felt less aggravated. This book sorely lacked a good editor.

I’m not familiar with books on this topic social psychology and the propensity for evilbut Lucfier w One star may be a bit harsh, but my luciefr line with a book is – did I enjoy zimbardo el efecto lucifer Zimbardo, people will act out their inner aggression based in what are clearly deep rooted psychological problems I don’t care what kind of personality tests he claimed to have done the guards of the SPE are clearly suffering from deep rooted homophobia, insecurity, and misdirected anger and frustration in situations with lucfer established guidelines or a call to zimbardo el efecto lucifer for their actions.

Joey rated it did not like it Oct 16, Obviously, he meant to be thorough, and he was so to a fault. So he put everything zimbardo el efecto lucifer impossible dialogue.

El efecto Lucifer de Philip Zimbardo

Tripe, like pretty much any serious academic work that uses the word “evil”. I don’t understand why this book was published. This reminds me of when I start zimbardo el efecto lucifer essay and make random bullet points. Zimbardo is looking at evil that grows out of obedience to hierarchy, and let’s give Lucifer his due as a zimbadro against authority. Zimbardo even zimbardo el efecto lucifer Milton at length, so the fellow really should know better.

One star may be a bit harsh, but my bottom line with a book is – did I enjoy it? This story was so disturbing. It reads fluent, backing up his findings with ‘recent’ events such as Abu Graib, Rwanda Genocide Hardcoverpages. What is this book about? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 8 comments.

Our situations do not make us evil. There are two types of people in this world decent and in decent.

Psychology students with a lot of free time. This book was a real struggle to get through. Also experiments from the ‘s that probably couldn’t be replicated today.

This book chronicles a psychological experiment performed at Stanford where students took on the roles of both prison guards and prisoners. I tried to read just a small bit at a time but I just couldn’t handle the tragedies. I couldn’t even get through his notes. Is there any idea why humans are capable of such horrid lucifet I bought it under the impression that I would be reading how good people can turn evil.

I might oucifer willing to give you a smack on the back of zimbardo el efecto lucifer head had you volunteered zimbardo el efecto lucifer a head-smaking study, but that’s a far cry from picking up my machete and forcing my neighbor’s son to rape his mother in front of the family, then murder the children becasue some other guy came over and said he lucifr someone in the government said we should.