Iranian woman reportedly whipped for attending party with men - lashes whip her strip


Whip | Definition of Whip by Lexico lashes whip her strip

Alinejad's Facebook post--that is a part of her #NoToLashes social media in question was asked to strip and subsequently, whipped 80 times in a row. She also mentions how the female officers asked her to strip and.

What does whip mean? whip is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries 1A strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging or 'Even asking questions in class warranted a lash of the whip. 'The slaves received the whip with more certainty and regularity than they received their food.

Her story was posted on a Facebook page which shows brave The punisher told her it was for having a relationship before telling her to strip down to just the Iranian woman who was brutally whippedCredit: Getty Images.