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Application to Join a Set of Adult Conferences on a BBS . The Computer Bulletin Board Guide to Public Relations Version by Robert Parson () .. A Book of Lists (About BBS Programs) by Shooting Shark (September 3, ).

Gold mine of the best-quality, latest files, games, info. Also covered computer hardware and software and adult discussions (more toward politics and religion .. The board was known as Mirage, Cyberwar BBS, Cyber Warrior, or Cyber Warrior ISP. Fresno, California, Sharks Lair, The Sharks Lair BBS.

Trade Wars is one of the most popular BBS board games of all times! Been waiting awhile for a NEW ADULT Door Game? . More info -- http://dmud. reserveatheritage.info . MILO'S HI/LO'S DDO-F/X Online Card-Sharks Milo's Hi/Lo's is a very entertaining and SVGA xx graphical rendition of the all time favorit.